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lice treatment products overview

Diana does a quick overview of our 5 Coco Loco Products. It is important for you, as a lice professional, to be very clear about ingredients for each product, and most importantly - how to use each product.

introducing nitnabber - world's best lice comb

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Lice Wars! guess what destroys super lice??

Watch as The Leading Brand of OTC Lice Shampoo battles Coco Loco All Natural Leave-In Lice Treatment. One will will WIN!


These studies support the idea that lice is not in the classroom (or the house), lice are on HEADS. They also illustrate a geographic map of states with Super Lice. The Lice World Research discusses how head lice do not survive off a head, they need heat and humidity off the scalp, in order to survive. The Lice ID Card is all the information a frazzled parent would need to know. It is ideal to submit this download to your school website - either under school health info and/or on the PTA portal.