Project Hope - head lice outreach prevention & education

  • Lauren Skinner started Project Hope in Costa Rica teaching the local staff on how to inspect and treat lice outbreak.  80% of the children inspected had an active lice infestation.   Lauren is continuing her work for FIMRC and donations of gently used nit combs are welcome and appreciated.  

Nit Combs can be mailed to:
714 Adams Ave #103
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Attn:  Project HOPE

For additional information please email us

Pam & Lauren take Project HOPE to Thailand

In April 2019 Pam met Lola in Chaing Mai Thailand. Here is a 2.5 minute video of their wonderful adventure. They went to Nikki's Place (an orphanage), checked 60 girls and treated 40!. Thanks for watching!

Please help us - donate your used combs

  • Pam & Lola will sanitize any combs and put them into "kits" for shelters, orphanages, group homes, etc. THANK YOU!

Project HOPE - L.O.T.S. Life On The Streets