About Us

In 2012 we opened Picky Pam at the Beach, a lice removal

Salon in Huntington Beach, CA. We have had over 25,000 customers through the doors. We are

Proud of having over 200 FIVE STAR YELP Reviews. Our reputation speaks for itself.

We strive to innovate – better products, better protocol, better results. We have been working hard to 

create new and better products and treatments for customers and lice professionals. 

  • Our Coco Loco Leave In Lice Treatment Spray is the ONLY product of it’s kind on the market.    Especially convenient for busy teens, it is quick, easy, & effective…and doesn’t need to be washed out. 
  • Our School Of Lice Online Boot Camp Training is perfect for school nurses or women who have always dreamed of starting their own business. 
  • Our new patented NitNabber Lice Comb, a new version of the standard comb we have all been using for almost 20 years. 
  • Our Lice ID card give parents, school nurses, and lice professionals “Everything You Need To Know About Lice”  in an attractive 4 x 6 card. We have more innovations coming this Fall – STAY TUNED!

Learn More

The staff at Picky Pam at the Beach are enjoy attending PTA meetings and health fairs.  We will post upcoming dates as they arrive.

Meet our Medical Advisor

Introducting Dr. Matthew Abinante.  He will be working with us to innovate and educate on the best treatments for lice infestations

Start your own business

How 2 mom's went from PTA to mastering lice removal and giving other women the confidence to do the same.